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Products | Quarter turn damper actuators RedMax Schischek GmbH Explosionproof Ex..Red..In..

Fail Safe, Spring Returned, Quarter Turn Actuators RedMax for Damper Actuation in Hazardous Locations
ATEX 2014/34/EU | Explosion proof | zone 2, 22

Quarter turn actuator on Air damper, Control damper, Exhaust damper


Quarter turn actuator for VAV-control


Quarter turn actuator for Flow rate control, Butterfly damper

Flow rate

Quarter turn actuator on Air damper for Fire and smoke protection

Air damper
for Fire and Smoke protection

Quarter turn actuator on Butterfly valve, Shut off valve

Shut off

Quarter turn actuator for Ball valve, Mixing valve, Pigging technology

Ball valve
Mixing valve
Pigging technology

Technical building equipment

Technical building equipment

Industry, Chemistry, Pharmacy


Offshore, Onshore, Ship building

Ship building

Spraying and drying systems, Silos

Spraying and drying systems

Landfills, Water treatment, Power plants, Biogas plants

Water treatment
Biogas plants

Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen technologies

RedMax-S Quarter turn actuators size S

90° ¼-turn actuators RedMax size S
Zone 2, 22 | 5-30 Nm | On-off, 3-pos | IP66

RedMax-...-CTS with seawater resistant offshore/marine coating


Description – Electric 90° quarter turn actuator RedMax

  • RedMax quarter turn respective damper actuators are, in accordance with type, for automation of air dampers, fire and smoke dampers, volume control, as well as for ball valves, throttle valves and other quarter turn armatures.
  • Installation in explosion proof areas (Ex area, hazardous locations) in
    zone 2, 22
  • W/o or with spring return (fail safe version)
  • Optional available in stainless steel or with offshore/marine coating

RedMax size S

5-30 Nm24-240 V AC / DC50-60 HZ95°3,15,30,60,120 sec/90°1, 3, 10 sec/90° selectableOn-off, 3-pos, 0-10 V DC, 4-20 mA0-10 V DC, 4-20 mA12 x 12 mmIP66-40°…+40°C (at T6) / -40°…+50°C (at T5)Cable ca. 1 mL × W × H = 210 × 95 × 80 mmAlu ca. 3,5 kg, VA ca. 7 kggases, mists, vapours, dustzone 2, 22ATEX, IECEx, EAC, INMETRO, UL¹, CSA¹¹ ...-A version only
RedMax-M Quarter turn actuators size M

90° ¼-turn actuators RedMax size M
Zone 2, 22 | 30-150 Nm | On-off, 3-pos | IP67

RedMax-...-CTM with seawater resistant offshore/marine coating


RedMax size M

30-150 Nm24-240 V AC / DC50-60 HZ95°40,60,90,120,150 sec/90°3, 20 sec/90°On-off, 3-pos, 0-10 V DC, 4-20 mA0-10 V DC, 4-20 mA16 x 16 mmIP66 / IP67-40°…+40°C (at T6) / -40°…+50°C (at T5)Cable ca. 1 mL × W × H = 288 × 149 × 116 mmAlu ca. 9,5 kg, VA ca. 15 kggases, mists, vapours, dustzone 2, 22ATEX, IECEx, EAC, INMETRO, UL¹, CSA¹¹ ...-A version only

Delivery – RedMax (size S or M)

  • 1 × Actuator with 1 m cable
  • 1 × Allen key for manual override
  • 4 × Screws for mounting

Special models – RedMax-...-BF (size S or M)

  • Actuators for fire dampers (RedMax-...-BF) + safety temperature trigger

Special models in stainless steel – RedMax-...-VAS / VAM (size S or M)

  • Corrosion-resistant housing material in stainless steel similar AISI 316, some parts nickel plated
  • Usage under extreme weather or harsh climate conditions

Special models painted (coated) – RedMax-...-CTS / CTM (size S or M)

  • Aluminium housing with seawater proof offshore/marine coating, resistant against corrosive and maritime atmosphere, some parts nickel plated
  • Suitable for offshore or onshore applications

Accessories / Options – RedMax (size S or M)

  • External, adaptable, on site adjustable switches
  • Mounting clamp for round damper shaft (only for RedMax size S)
  • Ex-e Terminal box
  • Adaptations for butterfly or ball valves
  • Mounting bracket
  • Cable glands in brass nickel plated
  • Weather shield in stainless steel for mounting on RedMax actuators
  • Heating system ExPolar for use with RedMax actuators under low temperatures down to −50 °C
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