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Explosion Proof

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Products | ExPro-C.. sensors for Ex/RedCos-D transmitter Schischek GmbH Explosionproof Ex Red In

ExPro-C.. Sensors for Ex-Areas
ATEX 2014/34/EU | Explosion proof | zone 1, 2, 21, 22


Sensors for temperature-/humidity°C, %rH
Combination with ExCos-D/RedCos-D transmitter

ExPro-C.. sensor mounted for duct measurement on RedCos-D transmitter

Use as
duct sensor

Description – ExPro-C.. sensors for ExCos-D / RedCos-D transmitter

  • Sensors for temperatur and/or humidity measurement in Ex areas. Connection on ExCos-D/RedCos-D transmitter.
  • Selective use as room sensor or duct sensor (room or duct measurement)


-40 °C...+125 °C (+80 °C)0...100 %rHRoom-measurement or duct-measurementTemperature, humidity or combi-sensor50, 100, 150, 200 mmØ 12 mmIP 66-40°...+125°C, 0...100 %rHgases, mists, vapours, dustzone 2, 22ATEX certified in combination
with ExCos-D / RedCos-D transmitter

Delivery – ExPro-C..

  • 1 × ExPro-C.. sensor with connector and gasket (EPDM)

Accessories – ExPro-C..

  • Mounting flange for duct-installation, for variable depth of immersion
  • Probe made of stainless-steel V4A 1.4571, length 120 mm,
    other lengths on request
  • Mounting bracket for installation on round air-ducts (up to Ø 600 mm)
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